Empowering Triumph Over Trauma for People and Communities

Bestselling Author. Inspiring Speaker. Brave Advocate.
Transformative Therapist. Expert Witness.

Empowering Triumph Over Trauma for People and Communities

Bestselling Author. Inspiring Speaker. Brave Advocate.
Transformative Therapist. Expert Witness.

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If you’ve found your way here, you’re either on a journey of healing, an advocate for change, or exploring the power of resilience and forgiveness. Step into a space where every story matters, and every step forward is celebrated.

Work With Shannon


Speaker & Advocate

Shannon inspires change and advocates for resilience through engaging speaking engagements worldwide. Discover how her voice can amplify your event’s message, driving impactful conversations and fostering a culture of empathy.


Expert Witness

Leveraging deep expertise in trauma and justice, Shannon provides insightful expert testimony for legal proceedings and policy discussions. Enhance your case with a perspective that bridges compassion with legal insight.


Heal For Real Course

Embark on a healing journey with “Heal For Real,” a course designed to guide you through forgiveness and resilience at your own pace. Transform trauma into empowerment with practical tools and supportive guidance.

Hi, I’m Shannon!

I’m Shannon Moroney, a bestselling author, restorative justice advocate and therapist, known for my personal story of resilience through tragedy and my professional work with survivors of sexual assault and trafficking, and families of offenders. My latest book, “Heal for Real,” and other creative projects focus on the power of forgiveness and resilience.

Living in Toronto with my twin daughters, I combine my clinical expertise with a passion for justice, healing, and lots of creativity in both my professional and personal life.

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Shannon's Best-Selling Books

Through The Glass

Through The Glass


#1 World Empathy Library

Doubleday Canada (Penguin Random House) 2011

Simon & Schuster Worldwide 2012

A heartbreaking yet hopeful account of one woman’s quest for justice, healing and forgiveness that comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.

When Shannon Moroney married in October of 2005, she had no idea that her happy life as a newlywed was about to come crashing down around her. One month after her wedding, a police officer arrived at her door to tell her that her husband, Jason, had been arrested and charged in the brutal assault and kidnapping of two women. In the aftermath of these crimes, Shannon dealt with a heavy burden of grief, the stress and publicity of a major criminal investigation, and the painful stigma of guilt-by-association, all while attempting to understand what had made Jason turn to such violence.In this intimate and gripping journey into prisons, courtrooms and the human heart, Shannon reveals the far-reaching impact of Jason’s crimes, the agonizing choices faced by the loved ones of offenders and the implicit dangers of a correctional system and a society that prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation, and victimhood over recovery.

“If you are going to read one book this year, let it be this one. You will never again forget, or take lightly, ALL the innocent victims of crimes.”

—The London Free Press

Out Of The Shadows Book Mockup

Out Of The Shadows


Doubleday (Penguin Random House) Canada & USA 2019

An unforgettable story of an ordinary woman in astonishing circumstances who defies the odds.

Timea Nagy was twenty years old when she answered a newspaper ad in Budapest, Hungary, calling for young women to work as babysitters and housekeepers in Canada. Hired by what seemed like a legitimate recruitment agency, Timea left her home believing she would earn good money to send back to her family. What she didn’t know was that she’d been lured by a ring of international human traffickers–and her life would never again be the same.

Upon her arrival in Toronto, she was forced into sex labour in some of the city’s seediest nightclubs, starved and controlled by her agents, and brainwashed to believe she was to blame for her situation. The only way she’d be free was when her debt was paid–but, no matter how hard she worked, that debt seemed only to go up, not down.

Out of the Shadows is a gripping, heartbreaking and eye-opening journey deep into the underworld of human trafficking and the sex trade, told in riveting detail by one brave survivor and written by bestselling author Shannon Moroney. At once tragic and powerfully redemptive, Timea Nagy’s story will stay with you long after you’ve read the last page.

“Out of the Shadows is a story of survival in the face of unimaginable circumstances. In a voice that is heartbreakingly innocent and honest, Timea Nagy inspires us to recognize the strength of purpose and resilience, and redemption.”

–Jackie Kai Ellis, bestselling author ofThe Measure of My Powers

Heal For Real Book Mockup

Heal For Real

Informed by my work providing individual therapy and facilitating forgiveness retreats and workshops across a wide spectrum of settings—from large city conferences, to tiny fly-in Arctic communities—Heal For Real walks you through a proven curriculum that has helped thousands to make peace with the past.

Through hands-on activities, reflections and inspirational stories and quotes, you’ll learn how to define what forgiveness means (and doesn’t mean) to you, as well as practical strategies that will help you offer and receive it. Along the way, you’ll also gain insight from the forgiveness journeys of incredible people.

Above all, you’ll be supported in a highly personal, individualized journey of healing. Whether what happened was Big T trauma or little t trauma, whether you were hurt or did the hurting, Heal For Real will guide you to understand and bring forgiveness into your life—in a way that’s right for you.

“In a world on fire with violence, injustice, racism, hatred, anger and revenge, Shannon Moroney’s guided journal to forgiveness is at once soothing and stimulating—an essential tool for individual, community and global healing.”

—Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, author of I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor’s Journey

Trust Is Not A Crime

Shannon’s advocacy journey, driven by personal encounters with the justice system’s shortcomings and the stigma faced by victims, led her to champion a more compassionate approach for those suffering from systemic injustices.

Shannon advocates for restorative justice, emphasizing the crucial roles of empathy, trust, and healing in transforming our justice system, aiming to replace mere punishment with meaningful accountability and fear with trust.