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Heal For Real Contemplative Cards

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Page Two Books 2022

Are you ready to explore forgiveness in your life?

Your journey begins within. 

Bestselling author Shannon Moroney—a therapist, educator, advocate and trauma

survivor—offers you a hands-on approach to contemplating what forgiveness means—and doesn’t mean—to you. Featuring quotations from Shannon and other luminaries, and two cards of instruction, these beautiful cards offer insight and inspiration to guide you on your journey to forgive others…and yourself. 

Whether what happened was “Big T” trauma or “little t” trauma, whether you were hurt or did the hurting, you can make peace with the past. This card deck is the perfect companion to Heal for Real: A guided journal to forgiving others—and yourself, an ideal gift for someone on a healing journey, and a powerful tool for therapists and other helping professionals. Leave a box open on your coffee table or arrange the cards on your dining table for a transformative conversation with family and friends

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The Perfect Gift For Friends, Family & Yourself

Heal for Real Online Course: How to forgive others—and yourself in 10 life-changing steps

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Dynamic online course led by bestselling author, speaker and therapist Shannon Moroney

In this course, you’ll gain wisdom and insight from Shannon and other forgiveness explorers and be challenged to think and feel in different ways. Through exercises and free writing in your companion journal, Shannon guides you to understand and practice forgiveness in your life, in the way that’s right for you. Through videos and visuals, you'll open your eyes to new concepts. In the online community, you'll connect with people who are figuring out what forgiveness means to them, just like you are. 

The reflections, information and activities in this guided course and its companion journal are adaptations of the group retreat and workshop program “The ‘F’ Word” that Shannon developed and led with fellow author, speaker and forgiver, Katy Hutchison. For a decade, they travelled from big city hotel conferences to tiny, fly-in Arctic communities to help people explore the dynamic concept of forgiveness, and put it into practice in their lives. Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can forge your own forgiveness journey with Shannon’s warmth and wisdom right on your screen. 

This course begins on the first day of every month and you can take as long as you need to complete it—2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years! Prior to your start date, you will receive a hard copy of Heal for Real: A guided journal to forgiving others—and yourself by mail. On your start date, you will be placed into a confidential, online community group of up to 50 course participants for peer support, dialogue and companionship. Upon completion, you can expect to feel more peaceful, confident, hopeful and to terms with the hardships you’ve endured in your life. You may also look and feel younger, and notice improvements to your physical and mental health. For the cost of two or three therapy sessions, and the personal time commitment you choose, you will heal for real.