Heal For Real and Forgiveness

Explore Shannon’s transformative insights on forgiveness and healing through this curated collection of videos and articles. Featured in numerous podcasts and articles, she shares her profound experiences and expert guidance on navigating trauma, building resilience, and embracing forgiveness as a powerful tool for personal growth. Her compelling narratives and practical advice inspire hope and healing, offering invaluable resources for anyone on a journey toward recovery. Shannon is a member of the International Forgiveness Project. Read her story here. 

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14 March

The Trauma Therapist Podcast

“The Journey of Post-Traumatic Growth with Shannon Moroney.”


11 March

Well + Good

“Do You Flood or Freeze When Faced With Distressing News? How To Identify Your Social Media Stress Response in Order To Protect Your Mental Health.”


7 January

CBC News

“Yellowknife Women’s Society pilots on-the-land camp for vulnerable women.”

2019 Article