Through The Glass

Shannon’s harrowing journey began with the shocking revelation of her husband’s brutal crime. This collection of powerful videos and articles dives into Shannon’s incredible strength and resilience as she navigates the aftermath of betrayal and violence. Her story, marked by courage and a relentless pursuit of healing, offers profound insights into the human spirit’s capacity to overcome even the darkest of times.

As Seen On...

Radio Feature

Shannon’s Interview with Anna Maria Tremonti was named #1 favourite on CBC Radio’s The Current in 10 years on air.

Article & Video Features

26 March

CityNews, Toronto

“Shannon Moroney Speaks About Forgiveness.”

2013 Video

12 October

Maclean’s magazine

“What it’s like to find out your husband is a rapist.”

2011 Article

11 October

The Peterborough Examiner

“Shannon’s Story”

2011 Article

11 October

CTV News

“Wife of paroled murderer saw no signs he’d reoffend.”

2011 Article

1 September

Chatelaine magazine

“Tall, dark and homicidal.”

2011 Article


CBC News

CBC’s George Strombolopolous Tonight, Season 2, Episode 16

2011 Video