Unforgettable Interviews

Poised. Poignant. Always on point.

Unforgettable Interviews

Poised. Poignant. Always on point.

Media Spokesperson, Special Guest, Writer, Producer & Consultant

Since her first book, Through the Glass, became an instant bestseller in 2011, Shannon has been interviewed worldwide countless times for print, radio, television and film about her personal story, her books, her advocacy and her expertise in mental health, justice and healing.

She has also been featured in film documentaries, theatre productions and on dozens of podcasts.

Shannon’s warmth, wit, knowledge and insight reach audiences of all ages, genders and backgrounds. One journalist put it best: “Shannon Moroney comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.”

Behind the scenes, Shannon works with journalists, actors, directors and producers as a trauma-informed media consultant, script reviewer and an on-set therapist.

In 2015, she wrote and co-produced a radio documentary about the wives, sisters and mothers of incarcerated men for CBC radio’s The Current with Anna-Maria Tremonti. Listen to In Harm’s Way.

Whether you’re planning a big production, a long-lead feature, or you need media commentary at the last minute, you can count on Shannon. She is a credible subject-matter expert and spokesperson with words that stir up dialogue and a voice that soothes the spirit. 

Need Shannon’s expertise in trauma, sexual assault, trafficking or other justice and mental health topics for a longer-term project? Book a discovery call. 

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Podcast Features

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