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Shannon captivates audiences with her profound insights and inspiring journey of resilience. As a bestselling author, brave advocate, and seasoned speaker, she brings a unique blend of personal experience and professional wisdom to every event, transforming how we think about trauma, healing, and forgiveness.

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Engaging Shannon as a speaker brings an expert who embodies the principles she speaks about, having personally navigated through adversity. Her presentations, rich with authenticity and insight, resonate deeply, inspiring both individual growth and collective action. Ideal for corporate events, educational settings, or community groups, Shannon’s talks are transformative, providing actionable insights for all attendees.

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Speaking Topics

Through The Glass

How to grow through what you go through.

Discover how personal challenges, when confronted and managed, can be transformed into catalysts for resilience, mental health, and stronger relationships. Shannon shares her own transformative experiences to highlight key principles of overcoming adversity and building leadership. Attendees will gain practical strategies to harness their life stories for improved performance and success across all areas of life. This keynote not only inspires but empowers audiences to find strength and achievement in the face of challenges.

** Ideal for corporate teams, government bodies, higher education, and various other industries, this talk offers invaluable insights and practical tools for all who seek to grow through what they go through.

The Power of Forgiveness

Explore the transformative power of forgiveness with Shannon as she reveals how this often-misunderstood concept can lead to profound personal and communal healing. Blending humour with the hard stuff, Shannon shares her own journey to making forgiveness her second favorite “F” word. Drawing from her personal experiences and therapeutic expertise, she provides practical approaches for integrating forgiveness into daily life, enhancing emotional and mental health. Shannon’s story, featured by the International Forgiveness Project, empowers the audience to embrace forgiveness, leading to freedom and fulfillment.

** Shannon’s approach is not religious nor prescriptive, rather it addresses the universal human experience.

Advocacy in Action

Learn about the impactful world of restorative justice and how advocacy can serve as a bridge to understanding and reconciliation in divided communities. Shannon highlights her experiences as an advocate and the successes of restorative practices in various settings. Audiences will leave equipped with insights into how they can actively participate in and promote justice and healing in their own communities and beyond.

Trust Is Not A Crime

Central to Shannon’s journey and advocacy, “Trust Is Not a Crime” explores key issues in justice, victimhood, and mental health. Shannon navigates the justice system both as a victim and as collateral damage, confronting the harsh realities of shame and stigma. Her mission became clear: to advocate for a more compassionate and equitable system for all victims. Recognizing her position of relative privilege, she champions the cause for those facing systemic injustices like racism and poverty. Recently given as a well-known TEDx Talk, Shannon delves into the importance of empathy, understanding, and trust as actionable principles to bridge the gap between victims and offenders. Through her experiences, she highlights the potential for healing and transformation within our justice system, advocating for approaches that honor the dignity of all involved and emphasize healing over punishment.

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